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Nasp/Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences  

Established in the academic year 2003-2004 as the Graduate School in Social, Economic and Political Sciences, and, in 2011, renamed and rearticulated as the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences, the Graduate School offers three Ph.D. Programs, each based at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan:

Like the Department, the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, and it is noted for its teaching staff’s outstanding qualifications and scientific reputation, its innovative pedagogical methods, its prominant scientific guests and public seminars, and excellent research facilities. Students can avail themselves of internships at scientific institutions and private enterprises, of intellectual engagement with visiting professors from Italian and foreign universities, and an integrated network of advanced research institutes.

The Graduate School also promotes the intra- and inter-national exchange of professors and students, and engages in cross-campus and transnational teaching and research programs. Courses and teaching activities are conducted in English.

The School is located in the heart of Milan, at via Pace 10, Milan.

President of Nasp
Maurizio Ferrera

Nasp General Coordinator
Licia Claudia Papavero

For the latest information on GSSPS please refer to the website: www.nasp.eu

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