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A guiding principle of the Department is the belief that the teaching of the social and political sciences, in modern-day society, requires the promotion of a variety of theoretical perpectives and the application of a range of pedagogical methods. The teaching programmes of the Department stretch across the full range of degrees—from undergraduate to graduate—as well as specialised training programmes, all centered on the multidisciplinary study of the following topics:

  • the performance of public institutions
  • governance of collective problems
  • processes of globalisation
  • the organisational aspects of both private companies and the public sector
  • the communication logic of the public and private spheres

Due to the plurality of the disciplinary perspectives it offers, the department is the sole promoter of the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences (GSSPS)which offers three doctorates.

Furthermore, the Department has increased its training opportunities by promoting discrete educational projects, such as Summer and Winter Schools, MScs and advanced training courses. Among them:


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