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The Role of School Environment in Attitudes' Formation: Substantial and Methodological Insights

SPS Seminar /From the Labs
24 March 2023, h. 10.30 - 12.30
SPS Seminar Room (Room 215, II floor, Passione side)
and on MS TEAMS  https://bit.ly/3mrIit7

Speaker: Aleš Kudrnáč  Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Chair: Riccardo Ladini  University of Milan
Discussants: Lenka Drazanova  European University Institute and Veronica Riniolo  Catholic University of Milan

School is crucial socialization environment which involves two important agents – teachers and peers. Teachers are responsible for transferring knowledge and developing the cognitive skills of students. Classmates are omnipresent and constantly interact with each other. The presentation will focus on discussing the author's research on the role of school environment in affecting adolescents’ social and political attitudes, and debating personal experience from collecting survey data at schools.

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07 March 2023
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