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The Female-Breadwinner Wellbeing ‘Penalty’: Differences by Men's (Un)Employment and Country

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
6 July2022, h. 12.30 
SPS Seminar Room
and on MS TEAMS  https://bit.ly/3Nl4q0g

Agnese Vitali   University of Trento

Chair: Nazareno Panichella  University of Milan
Discuassant: Eralba Cela  University of Milan

This article examines the relationship between female breadwinning in heterosexual couples and wellbeing, measured by life satisfaction. Results reveal lower wellbeing for couples when she is breadwinning versus if he is breadwinning or partners are employed for similar hours. This wellbeing ‘penalty’ is negligible when the man is part-time employed, small when he is economically inactive, and larger when he is unemployed – but with differences by gender. 

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22 June 2022
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