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Norm violations, audience costs and support for war: Evidence from conjoint experiments

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
19 January 2023, h. 10.30 
SPS Seminar room (Passione side -2nd floor, room 215)
and on MS TEAMS  https://bit.ly/3kd6sq2
Department of Social and Political Sciences
Via Conservatorio, 7 - Milan

Speaker: Matteo C.M. Casiraghi  University of Denver

Chair: Tiziana Corda  University of Milan
Discussant: Valerio Vignoli  University of Milan

Literature on audience costs and support for war has remained blind to how norm violations influence citizens’ approval of military interventions. Adopting a novel comparative perspective on norm robustness and an experimental approach, we provide engaging insights about public.

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11 January 2023
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