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Workers And Workers Organising In The Hybrid Areas Of Labour - #1 Emerging forms of solidarity in cooperatives

15 September 2022, h. 14.00
Sala Lauree and on ZOOM
Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences
via Conservatorio 7, Milan

Event registration (by 5th September) https://bit.ly/39ASRUL

First of the four final events of the ERC project SHARE - https://ercshare.unimi.it/

The project SHARE – Seizing the Hybrid Areas of work by Re­presenting self-Employment – is a transdisciplinary and multi-method study of the hybrid areas of work, with a special interest in the work arrangements that destabilise traditional employment relations. 

The first event focuses on cooperatives that aim to enable freelancers to combine autonomy with access to labour and social rights offering them an alternative to self-employment.

Next events (h 14:00)
- 29 September: #2 New practices of collective representation in Europe
- 13 October: #3 Mobilising platform workers: When David challenges Goliath
- 27 October: #4 A multidisciplinary dialogue between sociology and labour law

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22 June 2022
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