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The Violent Legacy of Fascism. Neofascist Political Violence in Italy 1969-1988

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
14 October  2022, h. 11.30
SPS Seminar Room
and on MS TEAMS   https://bit.ly/3CE8g2n

Speaker: Andrea Ruggeri University of Oxford
Chair: Fabio Franchino University of Milan

Can we understand local political violence in democracies studying legacies? Can local experience of fascist mobilization explain variation of violence during the Years of Lead in Italy? We provide a theory of fascist legacies based on the transmission of ideas, organizational knowledge, and violent practices. We have created an original dataset that covers the political events at subnational level in Italy between 1969 and 1988. We find that the local membership to the fascist party predicts neofascist political violence at the provincial level more than forty years later.

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03 October 2022
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