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Europeans’ Attitudes toward the Common Agricultural Policy and Farmers: A case of urban-rural divide?

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
30 June 2022, h. 12.30 
SPS Seminar Room
and on MS TEAMS

Jale Tosun   Institute of Political Science, Heidelberg University

Chair: Paola Mattei  University of Milan
Discuassant: Alessandro Olper  University of Milan

The European Union (EU) has responded to the need for transformation of its agri-food system by gradually reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). We concentrate on Europeans’ policy priorities for the CAP, and which responsibilities they assign to farmers. Considering the CAP has traditionally supported rural populations, we hypothesize that they also have a more traditional understanding of CAP objectives and the role of farmers compared to (peri-)urban populations. We postulate that rural populations are less likely to indicate environmental and climate action as a key objective of the CAP and responsibility of farmers, but more likely to indicate job growth in rural areas. We analyze data from a special Eurobarometer survey fielded in 2020. Multilevel mixed-effects logit models reveal community type (urban – peri-urban – rural) as a significant predictor of citizens’ views on CAP objectives and the responsibilities of farmers. 

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08 June 2022
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