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Beyond the social crisis of Europe? The politics of EU eco & social policies

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
23 March 2022, h. 14.30 
Aula A  - NASP - Via Pace 10 
and on MS Teams

Anna Kyriazi, Joan Mirò, Stefano Ronchi  University of Milan
Chair: Marcello Natili  University of Milan
Discussants: David Natali  Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa and Tullia Galanti  University of Milan

The emphasis on austerity and structural reforms that followed the financial and the euro crisis had severe social implications, which contributed to increase the politicization of the EU to unprecedented levels.
The seminar investigates two of the most relevant political responses through which the EU has sought to alleviate social malaise and to shore-up its resilience in today’s era of “constraining dissensus”:
the launch of the Just Transition Fund and the proposal for a directive on adequate minimum wages.

This seminar is funded by the European Union under project SOLID (ERC Synergy Grant 810356)

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10 March 2022
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