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Nasp POLS Presentation and Annual Lecture_speaker: Matthijs Bogaards (Central European University)

Presentation of the PhD programme in Political Studies (POLS) 2021/2022
and Annual Lecture

7 May 2021
h. 14.30-16.30


14.30 "Welcome and presentation of POLS Doctoral Programme"
Matteo Jessoula (University of Milan)
Programme Director

15.00 Annual Lecture
"The European Union: Consociational Past, Centripetal Future?"
Matthijs Bogaards (Central European University)

Consociational interpretations of the European Union (EU) are well established and help to explain the political stability of the 27-member state system. In contrast, the increasingly common centripetal elements have not yet received systematic attention. Using a framework originally designed to map the choices for divided societies, this article highlights centripetalism in EU party regulation and proposals for electoral reform. Going beyond the spatial distribution requirements that play such a central role in aggregative institutions in the EU, the article suggests that cross-national districts rather than a supra-national district provide the strongest incentive for European parties to organize EU-wide campaigns on European issues, fielding candidates with cross-national appeal. The article concludes with a reflection on the relationship between consociational and centripetal elements in the EU. It shows that consociationalism and centripetalism in the EU can continue to co-exist, though the balance is likely to change.

26 March 2021
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