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Andrea Ruggeri

Long consequences of civil war in Italy

The long-term electoral legacies of civil war in young democracies. Evidence from Italy 1946-1968. SPS Seminar - 13 February 2018, h. 13.00, SPS Seminar Room. Speaker: A. Ruggeri (University of Oxford )

02 February 2018
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Unstructured experimental designs

NASP ResFron ESLS Seminar - 23 January 2018, h. 11.00, Seminar Room (via Passione side). Speaker: M. Castellani (University of Brescia)

17 January 2018
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Normativity in the Anthropocene

NASP/Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy Seminar series - 24 January 2018, h. 11.30, SPS Seminar Room. Speaker: LARS TØNDER (University of Copenhagen)

12 January 2018
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